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The Tarot, Candle Magick, Crystal Reiki energy work and Astrology are the fundamentals of the foundation of my life’s work. I have taken delicate time in the creation of StarSeedShadows and all that I offer. I am constantly expanding my work as my connection with Spirit develops and evolves.  

The Divinity series (1)

The Divinity Series provides the ultimate solution to your stuckness and is a catapult to your ascension process. This is a 1-1 healing series that provides a space for you to explore the many different and colorful layers of your soul. In this experience, we release your karmic debt that has been building up over time and contributing to the lower frequency of Self that you are stuck in. 


The Lilith experience is a one of a kind deep dive into your own personal lilith astrology. In this 4 hour downloadable workshop you will drastically level up your understanding of Astrology, Lilith and Shadow work. You will understand how not only to become more aware of the depths of your shadow that have been repressed by the patriarchy but also how to release trauma, soul wounds and karmic debt created through the generations of your lineage.  

It’s time for you to illuminate the hidden parts of your soul to live in alignment with your most authentic Self.

Welcome to the safest place to explore your shadow!

Exploring your shadow is one of the rewarding things one can do in life. Taking the time out to truly understand all aspects of yourself allows yin and yang energy to flow together, in unison, freely. Acknowledging your shadow helps you become more self aware and self reliant. You will find that better relationships, coping mechanisms and leadership skills are just a small handful of the many benefits you will gain from shadow exploration.

‘Lifting the veil of your shadow’ is a one of a kind shadow exploration package that I have designed myself as it is truly time to wake the collective unconscious. Together we will look at  specific asteroids, planets and points on your birth chart that are key components in lifting your shadows veil. The asteroid Chiron, your moon sign and Lilith points are just a few of the shadow connections we will make with your specific birth chart. After we dive into the shadow side of your birth chart, we will bring this all together with a uniquely designed tarot spread, further inspecting the deeper parts of yourself. I have designed this spread myself and you will not see it anywhere else. We will dive deep into  archetypes of the tarot that feel the need to hold space in our session together and together we will uncover their divine messages.

Are you ready to transform your life, become more self aware and live in alignment with your most authentic Self?

“I had a reading with Ashley and I have to say that it’s one of the most enlightening things I’ve done. I ‘m very new to astrology and readings in general and she really made it simple and easy to understand. I’ve been having a lot of feelings lately that I haven’t been able to put into words and she was able to explain it so well. More than just being great at what she does, she’s so excited to do it and it shows when she is doing a reading with you. It makes you excited to do the Self work it takes to be where you want to be. I highly recommend seeing her for your next reading because you learn things about yourself that you maybe haven’t thought about before. She’ll give you tips on how to confront and tackle your obstacles in such a friendly, genuine and intelligent way. You will leave feeling like you can take on anything. Thank you Ashley! You are amazing!”
Alysia W.

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