The Lilith Experience

The Lilith experience is a one of a kind deep dive into your own personal lilith astrology. In this 2 hour downloadable workshop you will drastically level up your understanding of Astrology, Lilith and Shadow work. You will understand how not only to become more aware of the depths of your shadow that have been repressed by the patriarchy but also how to release trauma, soul wounds and karmic debt created through the generations of time.

 Topics covered in this 2 hour workshop include:

  • The groundwork: defining shadow work & shadow integration
  • The history of the ‘dark goddess’ known as Lilith
  • How to find Lilith and ALL the points associated with her in your own personal birth chart
  • We go on a tour of the zodiac wheel, discovering Lilith and developing how her meaning changes through all zodiac signs
We end our journey with in-depth descriptions on how to incorporate Lilith and your shadow as you continue on your path to ascension 
  • We will discuss every day ways to work with Lilith & your shadow
  • New & Full Moon rituals
  • The best crystals for shadow work and their descriptions
  • I also include a customized tarot spread for you to work with as often as you like

Tarot 101 - Ditch the manual


This online course will teach you the tarot in a way that is easy to understand & effective so that you don’t have to keep going to your manual. After this course you will have the confidence to read for yourself and others. I have been reading cards for 17 years and only in this course will you get access to my personal tips & tricks so that you are accurate every time.

 Covered in this course:

  • Numerology
  • Color Symbology
  • Cleansing, Clearing and Charging
  • History
  • Myth busting and more!

The complete guide to Chakras


Like trying to cook in a dirty kitchen, you just can’t heal until you’ve opened up your chakras. You will learn how to detect when your chakra system is out of whack and what you can do to balance your energetic centers.

 Topics covered in this include:

  • Description on all 12 chakras from root to galactic 

  • How to – Balanced vs Unbalanced

  • How to – realign chakra system 

  • Crystal, scent correspondences and more 

According to Jungian psychology, the ‘shadow self’ is known as the unknown self or disowned self. Our shadow is the combination of the parts of us that we are told to hide from society today. The shadow is where the ‘disowned’ parts of our selves have been made to live. Through gender roles, social norms and relationships that we nurture, we create this narrative for ourselves that we feel is how we are supposed to be or present to the world. Even the one who thinks they are the most self aware have a shadow walking with them through life.

More often than not we are trained to oppress our shadow for fear of being outcast or deemed unlovable in some regard. We hold the things we are criticized about most dear to our hearts and feed these criticisms back to ourselves through limiting beliefs and negative narratives. These ideals follow us through life, imprinting on every relationship we have, affecting our self worth and the value we place on ourselves. The shadow is all aspects of ourselves that we choose not to see within ourselves, even the positive parts.

We repress these parts of ourselves into the unconscious mind, only coming up for air when drugs, alcohol or any sort of numbing behavior is involved or when we find ourselves in the most vulnerable of situations. 

 Live in full, honest alignment with the highest form yourself and stay true to your calling. 


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