Custom Birth Chart

Everyone has their own personal blueprint of their soul journey. Decoding these blueprints are essential to evolving your spiritual practice. I would be honored to guide you along your journey of uncovering hidden information about you and your spiritual calling that has been written in the stars this whole time! This is a 60 minute session.

In this session we will uncover information about each planet, key asteroids and special aspects specific only to you.

**Birth Chart compatibility with 2 charts available for an added $50.00

Custom Yearly Forecast

Astrology is an amazing underused tool to help us navigate through time. In this session I will take your custom birth chart and the astrological forecast for the next year and combine them to bring you an eloquently designed tool for your use currently and in the future. We will spend 75 minutes discussing your personally designed yearly forecast which include transits, aspects and important moments for you to be aware of in your life.