About Me

“I embrace my shadow self. Shadows give depth and dimension to my life. I believe in embracing my duality, in learning to let darkness and light peacefully coexist, as illumination.

- Jaeda DeWalt

Hello Love!

To head down the path to illuminating your shadow allows you a level of freedom that would otherwise be unattainable. Yin and Yang energy sit together in a song and dance of symbiosis, only fully experiencing their own energies through the other. Your tendency to be one-sided (normally ‘light sided) in life is not by accident. You have been programmed to repress the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ aspects of your shadow in your unconscious mind since birth. It is time now to shine light on that which scares you. You deserve the best quality of life attainable to you.

I have been in touch with my naturally intuitive nature for as long as I can remember. As a child I was always drawn to the stars and science, nature and spirituality, crystals and ghosts. I got my first tarot deck as a teenager and with the help of spiritual teachers along the way, my awakening process began little by little. Upon graduating high school, Gaia, the Earth Goddess, came to me in a dream and from there I was called to get a B.S. in Conservation Biology. During this time, I began to develop a deeper relationship with the world around me and what my connection to the light and darker aspects of myself may look like. I studied life and our history, how living beings work, and the ideologies behind what constitutes a life. After college I spent many years with my shadow, in a sort of wild like underworld enjoying, over-indulging, loving, hating and growing, always with my tarot deck by my side and never doubting my strong connection with Spirit. My Saturn return truly introduced

 me to my shadow in all her glorious meaty parts. I was faced with feelings of worry, fear and doubt and although I had outlets in my life like music, dance and poetry I also loved, drinking, partying and going hard. My Saturn return allowed me to face my shadow unapologetically and own every crevice of my naked soul. Growth took place and I took my shadow with me to the Sun. As I was exiting my Saturn return and my twin flame relationship it began to become more apparent that a big part of my soul journey on Earth is to help others as they wake up spiritually. I took a deep dive into becoming another sort of student. A light worker of sorts, who’s soul journey is to live in the underworld with Lilith, guiding each and every stranger who chooses to take the road less traveled to enlightenment. The Tarot, Candle Magick, Crystal Reiki energy work and Astrology are the fundamentals of the foundation of my life’s work. I have taken delicate time in the creation of StarSeedShadows and all that I offer. I am constantly expanding my work as my connection with Spirit develops and evolves. It is my honor, as a witch, an alchemist to provide spiritual services for you that come from a place of integrity and authenticity that are only meant for the highest high. 

I look forward to working with you.

Ashley Michelle